Basic Qigong Meditation Download

Donald Londorf MD
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Track 1 - Guided Meditation - 30 minutes

Track 2 - Meditation Music - 30 minutes

Qigong meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Its benefits extend to all aspects of human life: emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. It can help you release tension and stress, enhance your life force (Qi), shift your brain waves and physiology, gain greater understanding of the Sacredness of life and the Universe, and help you become the very best possible version of yourself.

Track 1 will take you through a head to toe relaxation followed by settling your mind in your lower Dantian (lower belly) to gather energy. The lower Dantian is your alchemical furnace where you build and store qi (vital energy). The background music is a soft combination of waves, gongs and bells. Track 2 is simply the background track without the guided meditation.


  • Sit in a comfortable position with your hands on your lap
  • Keep your back and head straight as if your head is being pulled up towards the sky
  • Push Play
  • Close your eyes. Relax and enjoy the journey!
  • Use daily and as needed

Use of this meditation while driving or operating machinery is not recommend-


This recording does not contain any subliminal material

This CD is dedicated with deep gratitude to all my amazing teachers; to the wonderful people who have supported this project and made it possible; and to all those courageous people over the years who have successfully used this guided meditation for stress relief; insomnia; anxiety; before, during and after surgery; during labor; during chemotherapy; to journey far within; and many more life challenges. Thank you for your support!

Original Music and Recording by Christopher Burley

CD art courtesy of Bratovanov and Shutterstock

Second release -remastered - 2014

Original release - 1997

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Basic Qigong Meditation Download

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